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Our mission

Strane builds startups to market sustainable innovations. We focus on deeptechs relevant to society and the environment.

Strane is actively driving its startups. We rely on our research activities and our partners to build new skills, scout ideas and develop new projects.

We aim for a large impact. Our startups are to spread meaningful innovations and create tomorrow’s growth and jobs !

Generating New Ideas

Solving Big Problems

Lab Projects



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Our Startups


Creating industrial synergies

 Optimizing the performance of industrial sites

 Metrology solutions for industry 4.0

research and innovations

We explore a plurality of industries, but have no limits

Circular Economy

We are a leader in industrial symbiosis and on circular economy in industry and municipalities

Water Management

We are working on flood management and wastewater treatment 

Industry 4.0

We have developed methodologies to capture industrial performance and work on

Nature-based Solutions

We work on cost-effective solutions, inspired by nature

Renewable Energy

The Factory builds the companies from ideas with the objective to sell

Cognitive Science

Advanced research on the human mind and behaviour

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