for the environment and society

Our mission

Our mission is to create, develop and commercialse innovative solutions for the environment and society.

As an Non Profit Organisation, Strane Innovation aims to create a strong impact on the world.

We are specialised on 4 topics of the Sustainable Development :

  • circular economy applied to industrial waste
  • protect water resources and prevent floods
  • promote sustainable agriculture and protect biodiversity
  • social innovation and cognitive sciences

We rely on our Research&Innovation activities to support our operational activities.

Generating New Ideas

Solving Big Problems




tons of waste processed

Our Services

 Transform all waste into sustainable products

 Reduce water consumption
and reuse unconventional waters

Prevent and model floods

research and innovations

We explore a plurality of industries, but have no limits

Circular Economy

We are a leader in industrial symbiosis and on circular economy in industry and municipalities

Water Management

We are working on flood management and wastewater treatment 

Sustainable Agriculture

We work on cost-effective solutions for a sustainable agriculture protecting biodiversity

Cognitive Science

Advanced research on the human mind and behaviour

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