Creating a startup is a complex alchemy of technologies, business, people, management, communication and financial engineering.

Strane works jointly with its partners and fully associates everybody to the success of its startups. We scout ideas. We develop startup projects on promising ideas and seek for a tangible sign of market. We build startups on the proven solutions


Seitiss offers a leading service to identify synergies between industrial sites and build strong business cases. Based on advanced matching algorithms and data, Seitiss can spot synergies, find potential partner sites and build a collaboration case. Facilities can then reduce costs, generate new revenues and create social and environmental benefits.

E-sensial offers a unique non-intruisive multi-sensor instrumentations and software suites to analyse and monitor complex phenomena damaging industrial equipment (fatigue, corrosion…) Exploitation an Maintenance managers are then able to know exactly the risks and define the best strategy of predictive maintenance and ageing of their infrastructures.

Plant Angels offers the first service of total optimization of industrial sites. Plant Angels merges and aggregates indicators in a comprehensive dashboard that reflects all operational, environmental, economic, and risk information of a facility. Plant Angels mines them with process data and enriches them with external data to develop predictive models.

Newater Source specializes in innovative wastewater reuse and aims to operate wastewater treatment units, especially for green space irrigation. We operate wastewater treatment units directly from the sewerage system. Our tailor-made approach allows for a complete outsourcing of the operation; our clients do not bear the investment risk.


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