The Lab brings together research activities and commercial exploitation. We conduct multidisciplinary and collaborative research to anticipate and analyse tomorrow’s innovations, find new business models and generate startup projects.

We collaborate with technological partners (large companies, research centers) in an open innovation approach. We use collaborative intelligence and systematic analysis methodologies to mature technologies and generate new business concepts.

We are typically interested in all transdisciplinary topics.

Our current research activities

✓ Industrial symbiosis 

✓ Circular economy

✓ Industrial performance

✓ Environmental impact models

✓ Sustainable agriculture

✓ Nature-based solutions


✓ Human Factors

✓ Innovative materials

✓ Water solution


GA No. 776541-2

Towards a next generation of water systems and services for the circular economy


9,95 M €

30 partners

48 months


GA No. 768748

Scaling European Resources with Industrial Symbiosis

1 M €

5 partners

30 months


GA No. 814258

Phosphorus recovery for fertiLizers from dairy processing Waste

996 K €

12 partners

24 months


GA No. 820807

Safe and effective Human-Robot cooperation


7,3 M €

15 partners

48 months


GA No. EAPA_842/2018

Empower academia for knowledge transfer for value creation in the Atlantic area

2,3 M €

15 partners

36 months


GA No. 776866-2

Regenerating ecosystems with nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk reduction

13,5 M  €

36 partners

60 months


GA No. 820954

Advanced digital solutions to address current and future water-related challenges

5 M €

24 partners

42 months


GA No. 832800

A complete Forensic investigation chain targeting mobile devices


7 M €

19 partners

36 months


GA No. 870883

Policy, Expertise and Trust in Action

3 M €

11 partners

36 months


GA No. 869318

Industry and Water-Utility Symbiosis for a Smarter Water Society

16, 6 M €

28 partners

48 months


GA No. 814671

Bifunctional zeolite based catalysts and innovative process for sustainable hydrocarbon transformation

6,5 M €

14 partners

48 months


GA No. 679386

Enhanced energy resource Efficiency and Performance in process industry Operations via onsite cross-sectorial Symbiosis

3,7 M €

13 partners

48 months


Blueprints for Smart Cities: Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the integration of the water and waste sectors within the EIP Smart Cities and Communities

996 K €

12 partners

24 months


GA No. 689150-2

Sustainable Integrated Management FOR the NEXUS of water-land-food-energy-climate for a resource-efficient Europe

7,9 M €

26 partners

48 months


GA No. 958396

Advancing sustainability of Process Industries through Digital and Circular Water Use Innovations

11 M 

28 partners

48 months


GA No. 899415

EAF working with polymers derived from plastic residue in substitution of fossil fuel

1 M 

5 partners

36 months


GA No. 101000801

Thermochemical fluids in greenhouse farming


11 partners

36 months


GA No. 101091668

Local scale synergies between urban centres and industries

14,2 M €

35 partners

48 months


GA No. 101058656

Support circular economy and synergies between urban centres and industries

1,6 M 

7 partners

48 months


GA No. 101094302

How knowledge technologies can support a more inclusive participation of citizens in a democracy

2,6 M 

35 partners

36 months


GA: 101138097

Industrial Water circularity: reuse, resource recovery and energy efficiency for greener digitised EU processes


20 partners

48 months



GA: 101138191

AI-driven multiscale methodology to develop Transparent Wood as sustainable functional material

6,9 M €

13 partners

36 months


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