Company founders


Strane is a startup factory specialised in the sectors of sustainable development. 

Strane founds a startup in 6 to 9 months from a proven technology.

We contribute to creating the sustainable industry, jobs and growth of tomorrow. 


Strane industrialises entrepreneurship through a rigorous, agile and fast process of development and creation of start ups. We rely on our technical expertise, internal R&D, entrepreneurial experience and international network. We identify a market, an industrial concept and a team. We set up the organisation and launch. Then we manage the commercial and financial expansion.


Strane addresses the sectors of sustainable development. These sectors are the cornerstone of our economies, with a considerable environmental and social impact. As network industries in regulated markets, they share many similarities from a business perspective. The digital revolution leads to a technological convergence in integrated macro-innovations like smart cities or smart factories.


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Strane is rapidly growing ! We are looking for entrepreneurs, experts, mentors and investors to join us and support us.

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